Em50 and Em50G Solar Data Loggers


Applications: Greenhouse Management, Hydrology, Wireless Sensor Networks

Plug in Sensors, Start Logging Data

Like our standard Em50 and Em50G, these self-contained data-loggers are built to power, read, and log data from five sensors. Our solar loggers use rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and a built in solar panel for extended deployments. Pull the battery tab to power on the logger and the NiMH batteries will charge automatically. The logger case is rated NEMA 4, IP55 for long-term outdoor use. All Decagon sensors work with the Em50 Solar and Em50G Solar without programming.

Simple Configuration

Like their counterparts, the Em50 Solar and Em50G Solar have 5 sensor ports and one communication port. They are configured by plugging a laptop into the comm port. The included ECH2O Utility software provides setup windows to name the logger, set the logger clock, select the type of sensor on each port, and specify how often you want the sensors to read.

Remote Data Access

The Em50G Solar lets you check in on your data logger from virtually anywhere in the world. Data are transmitted from the logger’s internal GSM cellular module to Decagon's secure server via cellular communication. The password-protected data are available for you to access, monitor, and download at any time. Transmitted data is backed up in the data-logger’s memory to give you an extra layer of data protection. A "confirm data transfer" protocol makes sure data transmission is correct and complete.


See signal strength and connection quality in real time as you pick the best spot for your data logger. This feature lets you test connectivity at your measurement site before you install the logger. If you have any questions about coverage for your deployment site, call us, contact us or request a quote. We are happy to help you determine if this is the right data-logger for your application site.

INPUT PORTS 5 channels, each supporting 12-bit analog, 32-bit digital, or pulse, compatible with any Decagon Devices sensor
PORT TYPE 3.5 mm "stereo jack" connector
DATA STORAGE 1 MB (36,000 scans of all 5 ports)
MEMORY TYPE Non-Volatile Flash
LOGGING INTERVAL 5 minutes to 24 hours, logged data is 1-minute average of user-specified interval
DATA TRANSMISSION FREQUENCY Up to six times/day.  Contact Decagon for options for more frequent data delivery.
OPERATING ENVIRONMENT -30 to 60 °C, up to 100% RH
BATTERY CAPACITY 5 AA nickel-metal hydride batteries
EXTERNAL POWER NEEDS Orientation towards optimal sunlight
ENCLOSURE Weatherproof, impact and UV-resistant polymer
ENCLOSURE DIMENSIONS 12.7 cm x 20.3 cm x 5.1 cm (5 in x 8 in x 2 in)
ENCLOSURE ACCESS Hinged door with eyelet for securing with user-supplied padlock
MOUNTING 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) mast or wall mount
LOCAL COMMUNICATION Decagon Serial Cable Adaptor (SCA) or Decagon USB Cable Adaptor (UCA) (Proprietary cable only available through Decagon included.)

Data Plan: Annual, provided by Decagon Devices with 120 global partners, GSM service

Server Location: Decagon Devices; Pullman, Washington

Data Security: SSL/TLS encrypted data transfer; a unique Device ID and password (provided with each logger) are necessary for accessing data from the server.

CELLULAR FREQUENCIES Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM/GPRS for use worldwide.




Em5b 5 49KB (18,000 scans) Several months Impact-resistant IP52, NEMA 3R None
Em50 5 1MB (36,000 scans) 1 to 3 years Weatherproof, UV- and impact-resistant IP55, NEMA 3R None
Em50 Solar 5 1MB (36,000 scans) 2 to 3 years Weatherproof, UV- and impact-resistant IP55, NEMA 3R None
Em50G 5 1MB (36,000 scans) 6 months to a year Weatherproof, UV- and impact-resistant IP55, NEMA 3R GSM
Em50G Solar 5 1MB (36,000 scans) 2 to 3 years Weatherproof, UV- and impact-resistant IP55, NEMA 3R GSM