Monitor Soil Water Contamination

Sampling and testing soil pore water provides information about chemicals and chemical movement below the ground surface. Pore water samplers provide an early detection system for leaching, drainage, and leakage problems. Standard sampler length is 30 cm. Also available in 60, 90, 120, 160, and 200 cm lengths.

UMS Porewater samplers are constructed out of different materials to meet the needs of different applications, including:

High Permeability, Low Sorption

The SIC20 allows for high permeability, low sorption, and has a very low dead weight volume.


Collection and Storage

The SKS20/SPES20/SICS20 allows for water and analyte collection and storage in the ground before extraction and analysis at the lab. 

The SK20 has a pH range of 4 to 9. It provides inert storage for water which may contain nitrate, chloride, sulphate, calcium, sodium, ammonium, and phosphate. Not suitable for heavy metals.


Herbicides, Pesticides, Heavy Metals

The SPE20 contains a specialized membrane specifically designed for tough applications where porous ceramics won't work.


Find out which suction cup is best suited for your application by using our chemical suitability table.

PORE WATER SAMPLER SK20/SKS20 (Internal Shaft Storage) SIC20/SICS20 (Internal Shaft Storage) SPE20/SPES20 (Internal Shaft Storage)
SUCTION CUP MATERIAL Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Silicon Carbide Porous PE-Nylon Cup
  • Anions ( Nitrate, Sulphate, Phosphate, Chloride)
Suitable Suitable Suitable
  • Cations (Calcium, Potassium, Sodium Ammonium)
Limited Suitability Suitable Suitable after conditioning and sufficient forerun for flushing.
  • Metals (Aluminum, Copper, Chromium, Iron, Magnesia, Nickel)
Not Suitable Suitable Suitable
  • Heavy Metals (Cadmium, Lead)
Not Suitable Limited Suitability Suitable
*See Chemical Suitability Chart for more information on chemical suitability.
BUBBLE POINT 100 kPa 90 kPa 100 kPa (PE cover only allows water flow up to 20 kPa)


Auger Kits for Pore Water Samplers and Tensiometer

The cutting edge of the auger has a tapered tip similar to the shape of a Tensiometer or pore water sampler.  Thus, the bore hole is large enough to insert the shaft, but the cup will have a tight and perfect fit to the soil.

The not recommendable slurrying of the cup with quartz clay can be avoided.

A divisible auger set includes:

  • Cutting edge with tapered tip
  • Handle with hammering head

Parts have threaded connection and can be extended with one or more 100 cm extension rods.


  • Simplifies installation of shafts
  • Avoids slurrying
  • Multipart - divisible - extendable
  TB-20 TB-25
  • Cutting Edge
22 mm dia. x 50 cm 26 mm dia. x 50 cm
  • Tip
20 mm dia. x 5.6 cm 24 mm dia. x 5.6 cm
  • Total length
1.25 m 1.5 m
  • For shafts with
20 mm dia. 24 mm dia.
Part no. TB-20/125 TB-25/150
Extension rod Part no. TBE-100  


Sampling bottles and storage box

Soil water sampling bottles made of Duran glass, available in three sizes.


  • Implosion proof
  • Plastic coating as chip guard
  • Silicon rubber gasket with two connectors
  • Accessory: Clip for upright attachment on walls

In the sampling bottle box up to 6 sampling bottles can be stored. 


  • The lid is covered with isolating material. 
  • Latches shut the box securely. 
  • The suction tubes are led through sealed fittings on the side of the box.

Size: 40 cm x 30 cm x 28 cm

Material: PVC

Item Part No.
500 mL bottle SF-500
1000 mL bottle SF-1000
2000 mL bottle SF-2000
Wall clip SF-CLIP
Box with lid SF-Box


TensioLINK USB converter

The tensioLINK USB converter is used for directly connecting sensors and devices with serial tensioLINK to a PC.  One can configure features and read out measured data. 

UMS devices with 8pin M12 connectors (e.g. TS1 or T8 tensiometers) could be directly connected to the converter without the need for a further power supply.  The sensor is powered through the USB interface.

Use with the PC-Software tensioVIEW.  Manual Software and Driver come along with supplied CD.

Sensor Supply 9 VDC / 100 mA tolerance +1 V
Short Circuit 2 Min.
Galvanic Isolation 1 kV
Serial Sensor Interface RS485-2 wire, ESD protection 15 kV
USB interface compliant to USB 1.1 and 2.0


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Pore Water Samplers

A wide range of pore water samplers and vacuum devices are available.  For best results, carefully select the suitable material, the correct type of sampler and the proper vacuum method.  For chemical suitability, look at the chemical suitability table available under the support…

Pore Water Vacuum Collection Systems

UMS offers a variety of vacuum systems to meet your research needs. Whether you want to extract representative soil water samples with a constant vacuum, a timed vacuum or a tension-controlled vacuum; the new VS-systems can offer you all-purpose and modern vacuum regulation.