Soil Moisture Sensors (Benchtop Instruments)

Measurements: Soil Suction, Water Potential


Decagon offer a variety of Soil Moisure Sensors and Equipment for just about any application.  From measuring water potential, analyzing moisture content, or creating a moisture release curve, our benchtop instruments are designed with the researcher in mind.



Generate detailed moisture release curves on undisturbed soil samples in a standard 250 mL sample ring, typically within a few days. HYPROP also determines unsaturated hydraulic conductivity values for the soil sample.

Vapor Sorption Analyzer

The Vapor Sorption Analyzer (VSA) brings click and read efficiency to soil water characteristic curves. In 24 to 48 hours, the VSA generates up to 200 data points (water potential vs. water content) for both adsorption and desorption. The VSA works in the dry (-10 to -475 MPa) range. You can create automated soil-water characteristic curves and generate all the correlations with clay activity, surface area, and swelling potential. With the new static feature, you can hold humidity constant and look at the way soil takes up water into its crystal structure (2:1 clays) and monitor water content change over time.

WP4C Water Potential Meter

Fast, Accurate Water Potential Measurements Use the WP4C to measure water potential in 5 to 10 minutes. Range: -0.1 to -300 MPa* Versatile The WP4C can be used to measure the water potential of any porous material. It's typically used to analyze soil, soilless substrates, plant material, and…